Sympathetic Vibration
  Approximately 8 miles of copper wire is wrapped around 8 foot high iron tubes acting as a conductor of sound. Audio speakers above and in the floor amplify the sound of presence intensifying the experience of oneself. The feedback of sound causes a performative response from the viewer, thus the observer becomes the observed.    

Transmission: Table & Traveling version
  Instructions: 2 people sit and place copper caps over each finger tip. Wait until a vibratory exchange takes place.    

Increasing Heart Bandwidth
  Ten feet of copper attached at the heart center channels a signal link, acting as a transducer.    

An Other Way to Have a Conversation
  "If two people talk to each other and transfer conclusions already known to both of them, and in the exchange do not transfer any subtle energy, then the information content was not increased in the process...This causes entropy with no gain in consciousness." William Tiller    

Examination of the Thoughts & Emotions of a 200 million year old stone
  Copper balls held in the hands of participants are connected by copper wire through holes in the alabaster stone.    

Psychic Readings
  An ongoing video project of readings by clairvoyants amplified through the conductivity of copper.