Several principles permeate how I think and make my work. I view it as a marriage of art theory, ancient esoteric philosophy and science creating a situation for heightened awareness within human relations. My influences include the thinking of Joseph Beuys through the writings of Rudolf Steiner; the psychology of Wilhelm Reich (orgone accumulator); the theory of Sympathetic Vibration by John Keely (dynasphere) the Swiss healer and artist, Emma Kunz; Buddhism and the study of meditation on the body and mind, energy healing arts (jin shin jyutsu, reiki) and radionics. 

I believe the interaction with art does not depend solely on the observation of the object but the sensation to be lived. The experience depends on the experiencer, on the quality of experiencing. Information carried in energy fields structures where thoughts, attitudes and actions come from. Esoteric philosophy says there is not an I or an Other. There is just experience. Ideally, experience without concepts.

The nature of substance and intention, links the physical properties of matter to the spiritual. It is through our subjective interaction and interconnectedness that meaning is constructed. I depend on the viewer to bring content to my work. I create context for that to happen, a visual physio-philosophy for holistic perception.

Kathleen Anderson
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